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Northern lights mug

Watching the Northern Lights dancing in the long night sky is one of the most beautiful and intense experiences that human beings can have on this planet.

My ceramics are created on the wheel in my small studio in Dortmund. I throw with stoneware clay and fire at 1220 - 1240 degrees Celsius. From the lump of clay to the finished piece, around 10 steps are necessary and it can take up to three weeks before you can drink from the cup. ​ Clay needs patience and calm. ​

In winter 2020, after a long longing, I started doing pottery. First just for me and then suddenly, much faster than expected, it became my main job, I couldn`t be happier.

Incidentally, Sia comes from Egyptian mythology and means something like knowledge.

I realized that this is my way, that now is finally my time for ceramics. Noir - black. I throw most of my ceramics with black clay.

Sia.Noir website:


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